EgeCMS (Multi-Sites Builder Pro)

by Administrator 17. January 2012 05:35

Brief: Content management system with multi sites support.

Capability list:

  • Supported sites: Press Releases, Blogs, Forums, Affiliate sites and others.
  • ASP.Net 2.0 + MS SQL Server, supported on any server system environment.
  • Supporting of any template.
  • Form Maker online tools - edit different pages with different items (WYSIWYG).
  • It's possible to build multi-sites on one server.
  • Automatically publish the separate sites.
  • Support publish separate site which the domain binded with other server to remote server automatically.
  • Version Management, support history of pages.
  • Support different special page types, e.g. catalogs, tag-pages, searh and rss pages.
  • Generator of sitemaps and Rss Creator.
  • Support of the pad file data.
  • Build more html pages with high keywords density.
  • User Group management.
  • Friendly with Google and Yahoo.
  • Manage multi sites on different server.
  • Free support and service.

Producer website:

Base Price: $4996

Discount price: $3198 with 36% coupon


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